Sunday, 2 February 2014

"Never take your eye off the ball - or pubescent collie bitch"

Lovely day to visit the beach in Exmouth - family trip G scooting, F sliding down the dunes , R playing catch with dad. 

Our collie Pup called Nell and I have visited the beach several times but never of a lovely Sunday when it is full of people/dogs/walkers and children

Nell - 8 months old beautiful collie, happy and sociable was taken advantage off by an enthusiastic spaniel! I had been distracted by a 10 wk Old  Chihuahua called Darcey no bigger than my trainer. 

The sicky feeling you feel when you realise you are a day or two late without trying to be was just the same when the
Potential outcome struck home ... As the owner of the spaniel said they will be beautiful pups ... Granted but not quite the partner envisioned for Nell's future .... she hasn't even been to Sheep Dog school yet.. its way to soon, she is so young... throwing her life away for a two minute romp on the beach... I am not ready for pups... we dont know the spaniels owners ... does he have a good back ground ... will they play any part in the lives of the pups or is Nell destined to be a .... single mother... how did this happen! I am not ready to be a breeder!!!!

Fortunately the voice of reason and rationale spoke out - P,  lovely P my hubby, children's father and fount of knowledge of all things in the animal world said -' she has to stand and wait for it to happen'   ... looking back I think she was sitting and the dog was humping her back albeit vigorously........ shower of relief flows over me ... fingers crossed it was a near miss!

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