Friday, 31 January 2014

A little bit of space goes a long way...

Today I took a little bit of space for me.
A chat with a group of lovely friends last night reminded me several things:
I have choices and sometimes the only person making me do what I am doing is me!!!
I can say no! If it feels too much it probably is!
So this morning I am caught off guard coming out of the bathroom at 7.50 by a request from number 1 son. So forgetting all the good advice I jump in with two feet and before I know it he is delivered to gym club at school by 8.10 and I am juggling all the other jobs in order to get the other two to school too ..... my saving grace today was number 2 son wanting to earn money for a reason which remains unclear at this time. He did all three jobs with a smile on his face and a hand out for his pay!
........ after the school run I headed to the  beach with a friend not seen since since October and the pup. We had wind, a lot of wind but it didn't rain yeah! The headache was blown away, resolutions made and plans forged...
.......a day of cleaning has since passed and I am waiting for the kids to arrive back from school with Pop.

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