Thursday, 30 January 2014

Feet and me how I got here!

A change of career pathway in 2011 led me to the Rolle Podiatry Clinic! Fed up of fighting against a system of social care as a health professional; I left! It was a sudden move after a month of wavering during a chat with my Team Leader she accepted my verbal resignation at 11 am ....
... by 2 pm I had designed a flyer and was merrily walking the streets of my local village in search of work as a girl friday! By the end of the day I had secured two clients.... cleaning, gardening and generally getting my hands dirty made a pleasant and restorative change. I carried on for a year picking up more people including my lovely friend Mrs Tott who I still see today (more of life with Mrs Tott another time!).

A friend of mine had recently taken over a small clinic for her podiatry practice and was in search of a cleaner - I volunteered.
At a staff meal my friend and her fellow Pods were talking about how carers often said to them about how they couldn't bare the thought of touching feet  and the pods were in a similar position about other aspects of care...
 I had my light bulb moment... I am not phased by any aspect of what the human body old or small may throw at me and have probably dealt with the worst scenario you can concoct during my time as a nurse.
I found a course, discussed with my friend K and 18 months later, a Diploma in Foot Health under my belt here I am ... and relishing in the opportunities that walk through the door (or me through theirs!) to make peoples feet feel better ...leaving them Walking on Air!!!

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