Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The songs inside my head

.... I am a 40 something mother of three, wife to a shepherd, Foot Health Practitioner and charity data processing officer... funny things happen in the tangled world I live in some funny some sad ... some moments I want to save for when they are forgotten as my kids grow and if someone else has a giggle along the way that's all good.....

I love singing .. not especially good at it but even when I am not looking a snippet of a song will enter my head and stick.. my friend Mrs Tott calls them my "hums of Pooh" and often hears me before I do. I know my mum does this and my 5 year old A does too ... A along with her brothers P and D are also my harshest critics. From hands covering the ears to a verbal remonstration the one I want to remember happened sometime around Christmas on the school run. I had a single verse and chorus of a carol in my head and was thoroughly enjoying the moment singing with gusto when there was a little tap on my shoulder... A, who was in the passenger seat simply shook her head and put the radio on.... I was left in no doubt of her opinion... enough was enough.

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